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One of the benefits of strong statistical background is that it allows researchers to find out whether their null hypothesis is true or false.  By having strong statistical background experimenters have better understanding of the results of their experiment, so that they can actually have a better chance of rejecting false null hypothesis, or failing to reject true null hypothesis.

Gaining a strong statistical background is a huge advantage. This is because it allows researchers to eliminate questions and doubts about the research accuracy, or the quality of research, by manipulating the method of the study. In other words it enables researchers to eliminate potential threads to internal validity of the research study.

Strong statistical background can be a strong benefit. This is because sometimes the data on its own, from e.g. SPSS, or charts might not show the full picture of the study. If this is the case the knowledge of the topic, previous researches, theory, as well as new hypothesis might tell the story better. E.g. consumption of ice cream is greater in summer than in the winter (*Ice Cream Franchise Study *). However the data from the SPSS itself will not tell that this might correlate with the weather.



Comments on: "Are there benefits to gaining a strong statistical background?" (4)

  1. chikachoo said:

    If the subject on hand is psychology based then unfortunately we can not claim to eliminate all doubts and questions because of the problem when analysing behavior, we cant prove what we are testing is the direct cause. I agree that it is not wise to believe unquestioningly in a stand alone experiment that has had no further experiments, it could prove disastrous if it is taken seriously. A good example of the importance of further statistical evidence being needed is in pharmaceutical industry. Six healthy men were used in drug trials and became chronically ill after being administered the drug, so its good this drug didn’t make it to commercial level otherwise many people would have died. However it makes me worried that we might lose sight of important efficacy when testing on humans, yes we need to make sure the drug works on humans but at what cost? It is a important consideration to have when experimenting.

    Inquiry into a drug trial that became a nightmare – Link: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/inquiry-into-drug-trial-that-became-a-nightmare-470079.html

  2. Really good use of statistical terms and effective usage, really helped you make you point effectively. Also a good point that statistics doesn’t always show use the full relationship, and therefore be misleading. Show us how easily the media can manipulate certain data to make us believe what they want to. An example of how statistics could be beneficial in another sense would have helped to make more of an argument however

  3. very well-said on application of statistics in psychology. I really do agree with you that statistics is very important in hypothesis testing especially in psychology research. Also, I do agree to your point on statistics is used to test the validity of results and do get as accurate results as possible. very good and simple example used to explain on the benefits of gaining strong statistical background to understand data.


  4. I strongly agree with your blog as a whole. I agree with the fact that a strong statistical background is very important as it does recognize and allow researches to accept or decline their null hypothesis. However i do feel like a statistical background isn’t just important in research and psychology. I find the limits to its importance endless as it is an influential part of our day to day life. It’s used in all sorts of situation from business, medicine, mathematics, banking and many more. (http://www.emathzone.com/tutorials/basic-statistics/importance-of-statistics-in-different-fields.html).

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